LA-Based 'The Fem Word' Show Debuts Worldwide on Rukus Avenue Radio through DASH Radio

by Adina Anand

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The Fem Word is excited to announce the worldwide debut of our new show on Rukus Avenue Radio, premiering on Tuesday April 9, 2019. Our radio show, like the rest of our platform, is centered on amplifying women’s voices. We are proud to launch our show on North America’s first mainstream South Asian radio station.

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The show is hosted by our co-founders and mother-daughter duo, Monika and Natasha Samtani. Monika is best known as the first South Asian female TV News Anchor in Washington, DC. Natasha works in the music industry, advocating for artists and creators.

Monika and Natasha created The Fem Word to amplify women’s voices, and are excited to dive in to the real, raw stories of women from all ages and stages. Through social media, original videos and articles, and now radio, The Fem Word is shifting the feminist narrative and broadcasting conversations that spark positivity and encourage women around the world to live their best life.

The Fem Word’s one hour radio show airs every Tuesday at 4pm PST/7PM EST in North America, and every Wednesday 12pm GMT in the United Kingdom and 4:30pm IST in India. Listen to Rukus Avenue Radio 24/7 through the Dash Radio app, and at commercial-free.

Tune in!

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