the fem word radio


episode 1

Hosts: Monika & Natasha Samtani

Guest: Flavia

“Things are going to be hard and we need to appreciate the hard times and the dark times,” stated ever so eloquently by Flavia. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, this woman does it all. Inspired to begin her career in music following a difficult breakup, one of Flavia's goals is to have her voice connect to her fans. Listen in to our first ever radio interview where we talk success, hardships, and learning to love yourself.

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episode 2

Hosts: Monika & Natasha Samtani

Guest: Rohit & Chhavi Bhargava

When it comes to freelance writing, Rohit & Chhavi Bhargava have noticed that women tend to set their rates lower for the same quality of work as men.  As co-founders of Ideas Press Publishing, one of their incentives is to pay all of their writers the correct amount that coincides with their work ethic. With their platform, Rohit and Chhavi aim to publish a limited amount of books per year that incorporate persuasive storytelling. Listen our second radio interview to find out more on this dynamic duo!


episode 3

Hosts: Monika & Natasha Samtani

Guest: Erin Lowry, The Broke Millennial

On this episode we speak with Erin Lowry, founder of the Broke Millennial. Lowry has built her entire career on what her parents have taught her about being realistic with how money works from such a young age. Listen in as we discuss her second book, saving tips, and getting financially naked with your significant other.


episode 4

Hosts: Monika & Natasha Samtani

Guest: Aneesha Joshi

In this episode we speak to Aneesha Joshi, an Indian-American actress and model based in Mumbai, India. Growing up in Maryland with a father originally being from India, her cultural identity was carved out at a young age. Listen in where we discuss auditions, navigating Mumbai, and more!

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episode 5

Host: Natasha Samtani

Guest: Stella Smyth

Stella Smyth is definitely a name will want to remember. The 18 year old singer, songwriter, and producer is a badass upcoming artist motivated to provide emotional support through her music. As a mental health advocate, she founded a mental health club at her high school and hopes to continue raising awareness post-grad through her songs.


episode 6

Hosts: Monika Samtani & Madlyn McAuliffe

Guest: Emily Montague

In this episode we talk to Emily and Madlyn, both contributors to The Fem Word. Listen in as we discuss must read books that toy with gender roles.


episode 7

Hosts: Monika Samtani & Natasha Samtani

Guest: Emilie Aries

Emilie Aries, the founder of “Bossed Up,” is an award winning women’s development coach among other things. In our seventh episode we talk about burnouts that come from a lack of self care and how to advocate for our own personal health. Listen to learn how to have that work-life balance and be the boss ass woman you can be


episode 8

Hosts: Monika Samtani & Natasha Samtani

Guest: Guneet Monga

Guneet Monga is a key producer of the Academy Award winning documentary, “Period. End of a Sentence.” The film takes place in a rural village outside Delhi, India and discusses a revolution against the stigma around menstruation. In this episode we discuss all that went into the seven year project and what this means going forward in educating women and men on menstruation.


episode 9

Hosts: Natasha Samtani

Guest: Amanda Rea

As a singer, songwriter, and actress, Amanda Rea moved to LA to pursue a career in Hollywood. In this episode, we discuss the journey and hard work that goes into working in the industry while being able to support oneself.


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episode 10

Hosts: Natasha Samtani

Guest: Sara Spadacene

Sara Spadacene can be seen in various commercials and shows and lives in LA to pursue her career in acting. The Elon University musical theater grad discusses what being in the industry is like and how she stays motivated to achieve her goals. 

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episode 11

Hosts: Monika & Natasha Samtani

Guest: Tanerélle Stephens

Tanerélle Stephens is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, model, and actress, who isn’t afraid to show her authenticity to her fans. After moving to LA from Atlanta seven years ago, Stevens got her BFA and currently creates content as an independent artist. We discuss the social responsibility that comes with being an influential figure and how Tanerelle has found her identity through the process.